Off – grid inverter – LF – Economical 8KW 10KW

Economical Off – grid inverter – LF – 6kw, 8kw, 10kw Solar MPPT Inverter 96V or 48V

Model: FS8000W, FS10000W

An outstanding and robust off-grid inverter with MPPT controller for your massive solar system. It handles 8kW or 10kW of power and extreme appliances. It has a toroidal transformer, an LCD display, and multiple protection functions. It works with various battery types and is economical and outstanding.

1. 6KW, 8KW, 10KW
2.Low frequency
3.MPPT solar controller
4.Toroidal transformer
5.DC 48V or 96V
6.AC 110V/220V/230V

Off – grid inverter – LF – Economical 8KW 10KW
Low frequency Solar Inverter with MPPT
MODEL FS8000W FS10000W
Basic parameters
Rated technology data Solar Inverter Low frequency with toroidal transformer
Solar inverter rated power:8000W Solar inverter rated power:10KW
Fully loaded output power:8KW Fully loaded output power:10KW
DC input: 48VDC/96VDC 80A/100A DC input: 48VDC/96VDC 80A/100A
Common parameters
Battery type: Lead acid battery/ Lithium battery (Can be set)
DC input: 48VDC/96VDC
AC input: Input voltage: 85-138VAC / 170-275VAC 45-65hz
AC output: Output voltage: 110VAC/220VAC +-5%; 50HZ/60HZ +-1%
Output wave: Pure sine wave
Charging battery current: 0-30A (can be set)
Solar charge controller: MPPT voltage: 48VDC @ 60V~150VDC
PV Power: 48VDC-80A @4400W; 48VDC-100A @5600W
Rated charging current: 80A /100A
MPPT effieciency: >99%
G.W. (KG) 88 95
PACKAGE CBM /CTN(MM) 425*575*945

Micro inverters 600W 800W

Model: JV600W, JV800W

1. Module-level power electronics (MLPE).
2. Rapid shutdown capability.
3. Flexible panel layout and expansion.

Off-grid Solar Inverter – HF – Parallelable 6kW

Model: BP6000-P
1. Rated power at 6KW
2. 2 strings of MPPT
3. PV input 500VOC
4. Max PV.array 8000W
5. Built-in ATS
6. Built-in anti-dust kit
7. MC4 PV connector
8. WiFi/GPRS monitor
9. Work ability with/without battery
10. RS485/CAN

Low-Frequency Off-Grid Solar Inverter

Model: JVM600048SP

1. Rated power 6KW
2. Built-in MPPT controller
3. Low-frequency transformer
4. High conversion efficiency: up to 93.5%
5. Low power consumption: less than 1.5% when no load
6. WiFi/GPRS remote monitoring
7. AC coupling function
8. Split phase: 120/240V
9. AC bypass mode + inverter mode
10. Parallel up to 6 units

Customer feedback on our solar products

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Jan 5, 2023


I have pleasant experience buying from Shenzhen Suns. They shipped quickly, and very responsive and provided accurate updates. Shipment to Malaysia reaches in just a few weeks with a door to door delivery. Equipment work great, as can be seen from the photos, in the midst of installation and already in operation. The sales representative (Amy) has provided good knowledge and helpful to guide me to make the purchase correctly. Thank you Amy and thank you Shenzhen Suns and this company is highly recommended!

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Jan 5, 2023


very impressed with of the company Suns Energy, professional communication and they really went the extra mile. The product looks professional and transport and packaging was very good. happy customer and will definitely do business again

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