Micro inverters 600W 800W

Balcony Solar Micro Inverters 600W, 800W

Model: JV-WVC600, JV-WVC800

A smart and efficient micro inverter that connects to solar panels and converts DC to AC for your solar system. It has a power range of 300W to 1800W, and can be used for solar balcony system or solar grid system. It has an aluminum casing that can be encapsulated with glue or standard design with IP65 rating. It also has a certificate for Europe, America, or Brazil markets, and can be parallel with other micro inverters to get higher power. It is one of the most cost-effective and energy-saving micro inverters on the market.


1. Module-level power electronics (MLPE): Micro inverters are classified as MLPE, which means that each microinverter operates at the panel site independently of the other inverters in the system.This is advantageous for complicated installations or those with shading.
2. Rapid shutdown capability: Microinverters offer rapid shutdown capabilities, which means that they can quickly and safely shut down the solar panel system in case of an emergency.
3. Flexible panel layout and expansion: Microinverters allow for flexible solutions for many solar installations, as they can be installed on each individual solar panel. This allows for greater efficiency and flexibility in energy production.
4. TUYA APP: allows you to monitor your solar panel system, and diagnose it.

Micro inverter advantages: IP65/IP67 options, Tuya APP compatibility, OEM capabilities, certificate approval, and customization with solar panels, mounting PV supports, and packaging design.

These advantages make micro inverters a versatile choice for solar energy systems, providing a range of features and customization options to suit different needs and environments.

solar balcony system, all in one type
Micro inverters 600W 800W
Model JV-600W JV-800W
maximum input   power 2*375W Max. 2*500W Max.
mppt voltage   range(VOC) 30-60V
Starting   voltage 22V d.c.
Working   voltage range 22-60V D.C.
Maximum input   voltage 60V
Maximum input   Current 2*14A 2*18A
Maximum input short circuit current 2*16A 2*20A
Maximum feedback current of the array 0A
Maximum output   power 600VA 800VA
Rated output   current @120V 5A, @230V 2.6A @120V 6.6A, @230V 3.5A
Norminal   output voltage range @120V AC, @230V AC
Norminal   frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Power factor >0.99   default 0.95 leading …..0.95 lagging
Harmonic   distortion of output current <3%
Max. no of connections per branch @120v 6pcs, @230v 12pcs
Peak   microinverter efficiency 92.70%
CEC weighted   efficiency 92.50%
Nominal MPPT   efficiency 99.80%
Night power   consumption 0
Ambient   tempenture range -20 to +50℃
Storage   temperature range -20 to +50℃
Dimension(L*W*H) 283*200*41.6mm
Weight 1.46kg
IP Class Outdoor Nema 3r(IP65)
cooling method Natural cooling
Degree of   pollution PD3
Power delivery   mode Reverse transmission, load priority
Communication   method WiFi
Surveilance   system Cloud intelligence
Warranty 5 years or 10 years
Electrical   Standard EN50549_1:2019, EN50549-2:2019, EN 61000-6-1:2007, EN 61000-6-3:2007 +A1:2011 +AC2012 IEC/EN62109 -1:2010, IEC/EN 62109 -2:2011

Off-grid MPPT Inverter – HF 3.5kW 5kW

Model: BP3500P, BP5000P

1. Rated 3.5KW/5KW, Factor 1
2. Built-in MPPT, DC 120V~430V
3. Pure sine wave AC output
4. Solar/utility both loads power

5. Work ability with/without battery

6. Paralleled up to 6 units

7. WIFI/GPRS monitoring

8. CAN/RS485 for BMS

Off-grid Solar Inverter – HF – Parallelable 6kW

Model: BP6000-P
1. Rated power at 6KW
2. 2 strings of MPPT
3. PV input 500VOC
4. Max PV.array 8000W
5. Built-in ATS
6. Built-in anti-dust kit
7. MC4 PV connector
8. WiFi/GPRS monitor
9. Work ability with/without battery
10. RS485/CAN

Micro inverters 300W 350W 400W

Model: JV300W, JV350W, JV400W

1. Module-level power electronics (MLPE).
2. Rapid shutdown capability.
3. Flexible panel layout and expansion.

Customer feedback on our solar products

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Jan 5, 2023


I have pleasant experience buying from Shenzhen Suns. They shipped quickly, and very responsive and provided accurate updates. Shipment to Malaysia reaches in just a few weeks with a door to door delivery. Equipment work great, as can be seen from the photos, in the midst of installation and already in operation. The sales representative (Amy) has provided good knowledge and helpful to guide me to make the purchase correctly. Thank you Amy and thank you Shenzhen Suns and this company is highly recommended!

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Jan 5, 2023


very impressed with of the company Suns Energy, professional communication and they really went the extra mile. The product looks professional and transport and packaging was very good. happy customer and will definitely do business again

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