Solar Independence : Ecolite Foldable Solar suitcase

EcoLite Solar Suitcase – Power on the Go
Available in 400W and 200W

Model: JVFS-400W , JVFS-200W

Compact Versatility: Experience the ultimate in portable solar technology with our EcoLite Solar Suitcase. Designed for adventurers and eco-conscious travelers, this solar solution is both compact and foldable, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your journey.

Durable Construction: Crafted from superior fiberglass materials, our solar suitcase promises decades of dependable use. The integration of MC4 connectors and robust aluminum kickstands means setup is a breeze, wherever you may roam.

Advanced Protection: With a protection rating of ≥IP67 and an ETFE coating, our solar suitcase stands up to the harshest environmental conditions. Whether it’s dust, water, or unexpected impacts, your power source remains secure.

Guaranteed Quality: We stand behind our craftsmanship with a 5-year warranty on materials and workmanship, ensuring your peace of mind and a reliable power source for years to come.

1. Portable design: compact, foldable, and lightweight
2. Superior fiberglass material for decades of reliability
3. MC4 connectors and aluminum kickstands
4. Unmatched durability with ≥IP67 protection & ETFE coating
5. 5-Year warranty on materials and workmanship

Solar Independence : Ecolite Foldable Solar suitcase
EcoLite Solar Suitcase 400W | 200W – Empower Your Adventures with Sustainable Energy

The EcoLite Solar Suitcase is your ultimate companion for harnessing solar power on the go. Whether you’re an adventurous traveler, a camping enthusiast, or someone who values co-friendly solutions, this portable solar technology is designed to meet your needs.
Introducing the EcoLite Solar Suitcase:

Unveiling the Future of Portable Power: Embrace the boundless energy of the sun with our pioneering EcoLite Solar Suitcase. Engineered for adventurers, eco-conscious travelers, and off-grid enthusiasts, this specimen of green technology revolutionizes the way you interact with solar power. Compact, reliable, and robust, the EcoLite Solar Suitcase is a powerhouse in a sleek, portable form factor.

The Ultimate Solar Solution for Mobility and Efficiency

Our top-tier foldable solar panels are not only a testament to superior craftsmanship but also to our commitment to sustainability and independence. Embedded within a durable, weather-resistant suitcase design, these panels offer an ideal combination of functionality and convenience. Delve into the technical brilliance of the EcoLite Solar Suitcase:

Adaptable Power Output: Choose between 400W and 200W configurations to suit your power needs seamlessly. This versatility ensures you’re equipped for any situation, be it a serene retreat in the mountains or a demanding expedition.

Effortless Portability: Moving with your power source has never been easier. The EcoLite’s innovative suitcase design merges lightweight materials with ergonomic features, ensuring you can carry your energy wherever the journey takes you.

Rapid Deployment: The intuitive fold-out mechanism streamlines setup, allowing you to establish your personal power station within moments. Maximize your outdoor experiences without sacrificing time or convenience.

This EcoLite Solar suitcase is our new design of 2024, you can compare other 

Max Power at STC: 400W 200W
Open Circuit Voltage: 47.2V 23.6V
Short Circuit Current: 11A 11A
Optimum Operating Voltage: 40V 20V
Optimum Operating Current: 10A 10A
Maximum System Voltage: 600VDC 600VDC
Maximum Series Fuse Rating: 15A 10A
Operating Temperature: -40℉-185℉/-40℃-85℃ -40℉-185℉/-40℃-85℃
Dimensions: 2838*855*20mm(111.8×33.7×0.8 in) 1419*855*20mm(55.9×33.7×0.8 in)
Folded Dimensions: 708*855*80mm(27.9*33.7*3.2 in) 708*855*80mm(27.9*33.7*3.2 in)
Weight: 13.7kg (30.2 Ibs) 6.85kg (15.1Ibs)
Folded solar panels 4*100w
Folded solar panel 400w size
Wiring diagrams for folded solar suitcase
Versatile compatibility
Folded solar suitcase highlights display

Solar Panels 280W-300W

Models:  SS280M10, SS290M10, SS300M10

1.Power range :280w – 300w
2.Size: 1655*875*30mm
3.Certificate:  TUV, UL, CEC, CE, INMETRO, RETIE, DEWA
4.OEM  Customized

Folded Solar Panel Mat 200W

Model: JVFSP-200W

1.Foldable design
2.High efficiency
3.Durable material
5.Power: 60W, 100W, 200W, 300W

Solar Panels 320W – 210mm

Models:  SS310M10, SS320M10

1.Power range : 310W – 320W
2.Size: 1760*875*30mm
4.OEM customized

Customer feedback on our solar products

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Jan 5, 2023


I have pleasant experience buying from Shenzhen Suns. They shipped quickly, and very responsive and provided accurate updates. Shipment to Malaysia reaches in just a few weeks with a door to door delivery. Equipment work great, as can be seen from the photos, in the midst of installation and already in operation. The sales representative (Amy) has provided good knowledge and helpful to guide me to make the purchase correctly. Thank you Amy and thank you Shenzhen Suns and this company is highly recommended!

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Jan 5, 2023


very impressed with of the company Suns Energy, professional communication and they really went the extra mile. The product looks professional and transport and packaging was very good. happy customer and will definitely do business again

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