Harnessing Solar Energy: The MESS Solution


The Micro Energy Storage System (MESS) is a groundbreaking innovation that brings solar power right to your balcony. Imagine harnessing the sun’s energy to power your home, charge your devices, and provide emergency backup—all from the comfort of your own outdoor space. Let’s delve into the features, benefits, and practical applications of this intelligent system.

1. What Is MESS ?

The MESS system combines three essential components:

1. Solar Panels: These sleek, photovoltaic panels capture sunlight and convert it into electricity. Mounted discreetly on your balcony railing or roof, they silently work their magic throughout the day.

2. Intelligent Lithium-Ion Battery: MESS features a state-of-the-art battery that stores excess solar energy. This means you can tap into this stored power during cloudy days or at night when the sun isn’t shining.

3. Micro Inverter Solar: The micro inverter ensures efficient energy conversion. It optimizes the electricity generated by the solar panels, making every ray of sunlight count.

2. Key Features & Benefits

a. Round-the-Clock Power
Daytime Energy: MESS generates electricity during daylight hours. Whether you’re brewing your morning coffee or running your washing machine, you’re using clean, renewable energy.

Nighttime Power: When the sun sets, the MESS battery takes over. You can power your lights, gadgets, and appliances without relying on the grid. Say goodbye to high electricity bills!

b. Mobile Charging and 5V Appliances
Charge Your Devices: Plug your smartphone, tablet, or smart watch into the MESS system. It’s like having a personal charging station right on your balcony.

5V Appliances: Need to power a fan, a small speaker, or a USB lamp? MESS has you covered. It’s perfect for creating a cozy outdoor ambiance.

c. Grid Independence and Emergency Backup
Grid Independence: MESS operates independently of the grid. Even during power outages or maintenance, your balcony remains a reliable energy source.

Emergency Power: Imagine a stormy night with no electricity. MESS provides essential power for emergency lighting, communication devices, and medical equipment.

Scalability and Parallel Capability: MESS allows users to connect up to 6 units in parallel. Scalability ensures flexibility for varying energy needs and future expansion.

3. Working Modes

a. Charge Mode
Description: In Charge Mode, the ESS harnesses solar energy from your panels and directs it to the battery. When sunlight is abundant, the system efficiently charges the battery, storing excess energy for later use.

Maximizes solar utilization.
Ensures the battery remains fully charged during sunny periods.

b. Discharge Mode
Description: When solar energy isn’t sufficient (such as during nighttime or cloudy days), the ESS switches to Discharge Mode. It draws power from the battery to meet your electricity needs.

Provides continuous power even when solar production is low.
Enables self-consumption during non-sunny hours.

c. Bypass Mode
Description: In Bypass Mode, when the battery reaches its full capacity, the ESS seamlessly switches to direct solar power supply. It feeds excess energy directly into the grid, optimizing overall system efficiency.

Prevents overcharging of the battery.
Supports grid stability by contributing surplus energy.

d. USB Outputs
Description: The ESS features two 5V USB outputs and one Type-C port. These outputs are available continuously, provided the battery is not over-discharged.

Convenient for charging mobile devices, gadgets, and small appliances.
Ensures accessibility to power even when the main grid is down.

4. Components

Solar Panels: Two 410W panels capture sunlight during the day.

Micro Inverter Solar: An 800W micro inverter converts DC power to AC for household use.

Intelligent Battery: The LiFePO4 battery or LFP (lithium iron phosphate battery) (1.5KWh, or 2.24Kwh) manages energy flow efficiently.

Monitoring and Control

A Wi-Fi app provides real-time monitoring:

   Track energy production.
   Monitor battery status.
   Assess system performance.

5. Why Customers Love MESS

a. Sustainability
Europeans are passionate about environmental conservation. MESS aligns perfectly with this ethos by reducing reliance on fossil fuels and minimizing carbon emissions.

b. Space Efficiency
European cities often have limited space. Balconies are precious real estate, and MESS optimizes that space for energy production.

c. Aesthetic Appeal
MESS panels blend seamlessly with modern architecture. They enhance your balcony’s aesthetics while serving a practical purpose.

d. Energy Security
With MESS, Europeans gain energy security. Unpredictable weather or grid failures won’t disrupt their daily lives.


The Solar Balcony System with Intelligent Battery (MESS) is more than just a power solution–it’s a lifestyle upgrade. Embrace sustainability, enjoy uninterrupted energy, and make your balcony a hub of clean power. Welcome to the future of home energy management! 🌞🔋

Empowering Homes: The Remarkable Journey of Our Solar Energy Solution in Germany


In the heart of Germany, where innovation meets sustainability, a remarkable transformation unfolded—one that began with a simple solar balcony system and evolved into a lifeline during a stormy night. Let’s delve into the inspiring story of our customer, Herr Müller, and his experience with our cutting-edge Energy Storage System (ESS).

1: The Sun-Kissed Balcony

A Bright Beginning

Herr Müller, a resident of Benin in Germany, had always been drawn to the promise of renewable energy. His modest balcony, bathed in sunlight, seemed like the perfect canvas for change. So, he installed our solar balcony system—a sleek array of photovoltaic panels that silently absorbed the sun’s rays.

The Savings Game

The results were immediate. Herr Müller’s electricity bills dwindled, and he reveled in the satisfaction of contributing to a greener planet. The solar panels worked diligently, converting sunlight into clean, usable energy. His balcony became a beacon of eco-consciousness, and neighbors marveled at the elegant panels adorning his railing.

2: The Storm That Changed Everything

Darkness Descends

One fateful night, a tempest swept through the region. The sky crackled with lightning, and rain lashed against the windows. But it wasn’t the storm’s fury that shook Herr Müller—it was the sudden blackout. The grid power vanished, leaving his apartment in darkness. His mobile phone blinked off, and the LED lights remained lifeless.

Desperate Moments

Fear gnawed at Herr Müller. He needed to reassure his elderly parents that he was safe. But how could he? The silence of a powerless phone was deafening. In that vulnerable moment, he realized that relying solely on the grid was a precarious gamble.

3: The Intelligent Upgrade

Enter the Micro Energy Storage System (MESS)

Determined to never face such helplessness again, Herr Müller decided to upgrade his solar system. He discovered our Micro Energy Storage System (MESS)—an intelligent fusion of solar panels and a cutting-edge lithium-ion battery. Here’s how it transformed his life:

Continuous Power: With MESS, Herr Müller had a lifeline. Even when the grid shut off, the battery kicked in, providing uninterrupted electricity. His LED lights glowed, and his mobile phone stayed charged.

Bill Savings: MESS not only saved him money during sunny days but also acted as a safety net during storms. His bills remained manageable, and he no longer feared sudden outages.

Peace of Mind: Herr Müller could now call his parents, even in the darkest hours. The MESS system ensured their safety and his peace of mind.

4: A Safer, Greener Future

The Verdict
Herr Müller summed it up succinctly: “I am really like it.” His balcony had evolved from a sun-kissed spot to a resilient energy hub. And as he shared his story with friends and family, our ESS gained popularity. Neighbors followed suit, transforming their balconies into mini power stations.

Our commitment to quality, reliability, and sustainability paid off. Google searches for “solar balcony system with intelligent battery” now lead curious homeowners to our doorstep. The ESS has become synonymous with energy security, bill savings, and environmental responsibility.

Lighting Up Lives, One Balcony at a Time
Herr Müller’s journey is a testament to the power of innovation. As more homes embrace solar solutions, we continue to refine our offerings, ensuring that every balcony becomes a beacon of hope–even during the fiercest storms.
Join us in this solar revolution. Let your balcony be more than a view–it can be your lifeline.🌞🔋✨

BIPV Solar Panels 160W

Model: SS160M-BIPV

1.Customized power and size
2.Half cell mono-crystalline
3.Double glass bifacial
5.Different color and pattern
6.Flexibility and adaptability

BIPV Solar Panels 320W

Model: SS320M-BIPV

1.Customized power and size
2.Half cell mono-crystalline
3.Double glass bifacial
5.Different color and pattern
6.Flexibility and adaptability

TOPCon Solar Panels 310-330W

Model: SS330G12

1.Power: 310W- 330W
2.Size: 1760*875*30mm
3.PV cells: TOPCon
5.Warranty: 30 years

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