Hybrid Solar EV Charger 10-15KWh

Hybrid Solar EV Charger System
Model: JV 10ESSC-EV7, JV 15ESSC-EV7

Our cutting-edge hybrid solar energy system combines simplicity, efficiency, and sustainability.

1.All-in-One Integration:
Seamlessly combines solar PV energy generation, battery storage, EV charging, and power distribution.
Simplifies energy management by integrating multiple functions into a single unit.
2.Advanced Control Technology:
Controlled by a built-in digital signal processor (DSP) using advanced sinusoidal pulse-width modulation (SPWM) technology.
Ensures efficient energy utilization and optimal performance.
3.Modular Design for Scalability:
Easily expandable—connect up to six battery modules in parallel(30KWh)
Accommodates changing energy needs over time.
4.Quick Installation:
Plug-and-play design allows installation within 20 minutes.
Minimal downtime and hassle-free setup.
5.Real-Time Monitoring:
24-hour online monitoring provides continuous insights into system performance.
Track energy production, battery status, and EV charging activity.

Why customers will appreciate it:
1.Grid Independence:
Overcome grid limitations in certain areas.
Enables EV charging without costly grid upgrades.
2.Sustainability Focus:
Aligns with Europe’s clean energy goals.
Reduces environmental impact.
3.Energy Security:
Provides continuous power day and night.
Reduces reliance on external sources.
4.Financial Benefits:
Sell excess energy back to the grid.
Lower energy costs over time.

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Hybrid Solar EV Charger 10-15KWh

Hybrid Solar EV Charger 10-15KWh

Discover Easy Green Charging with JV Hybrid Solar EV Charger Systems

Introducing the JV 10ESSC-EV7 and JV 15ESSC-EV7 – your gateway to simple and smart solar charging for your electric vehicle. Let’s break down how this all-in-one system powers your EV and manages your energy needs effortlessly.
JV Hybrid Solar EV Charger Systems
How It Works:


  1. Capture the Sun: Our system begins with solar panels that soak up sunlight. This energy is pure, renewable, and ready to harness, cutting down on fossil fuel dependence.
  2. Store Energy: The collected solar power is then stored in high-capacity batteries built into the system. So even when the sun isn’t shining, you’ve got energy saved up for later use.
  3. Charge Your Car: Connect your electric vehicle to our system, and it charges up using this stored solar energy. It’s clean energy for your clean car.
  4. Manage Power Easily: With everything integrated into one system, managing your power is a breeze. Our technology takes care of directing energy where it’s needed – for immediate use, storage, or even back to the power grid.
  5. Monitor Effortlessly: Keep tabs on your system’s performance with a real-time online dashboard. Check on your energy production, storage levels, and car charging status anytime, anywhere.
Component List
S/N Parts Model: JV 10ESSC-EV7 JV 15ESSC-EV7 Certificate
1 Solar   EV charger
Model: ESSC-EV7
EV charger: 7KW
Voltage: 220/230/240V, 50/60Hz
Output: 5m AC chargeing cable
Efficiency: 98%
Size: 650*270*370mm
7KW 7KW VDE 0126-1-1: 2013 + VFR: 2019
VDE-AR-N 4105: 2018-11 + Correction 1:2020-1
EN IEC 61000-6-1: 2019
EN IEC 61000-6-3: 2021
EN 62109-1:2010
EN 62109-2:2011
EN 50549-1: 2019(1)
IEC 62321-3-1:2013
IEC 62321-4:2013+A1:2017
IEC 62321-5: 2013
IEC 62321-7-1:2015
IEC 62321-7-2:2017
IEC 62321-6:2015
IEC 62321-8:2017
IEC 62116
RD 647/2020
RD 413/2014
RD 1699/2011
UTE C15-712-1 (JUILET 2013)
(EC) No. 1907/2006
DIN VDEV 0124-100(VDE V0124-10):2020-06
CEI-021:2019 CEI 0-21:2022-03+V1:2022-11
Hybrid inverter
Power: 7KW
PV input voltage range: 150-500V
Number of MPPT Trackers: 2
Rated power output to utility Grid: 5kw
Back-up rated power: 4.5kw
Switch time: <10ms
Size: 645*557*370mm
7kw 7kw
Battery: 51.2V 100AH (each model)
No of expandable batery: 6 units
Size: 585*279*370mm
10KWH(2*5kwh) 15KWH(3*5kwh) EN IEC 61000-6-1:2019
EN IEC 61000-6-3:2021
2 Solar   panels Model: SS410M,410W, Mono Type
Vmp:  31.45V;
Imp: 13.04A;
Voc: 37.32V;
Isc: 13.95A;
Size: 1722*1134*30mm
N.W.: 20.5KGS
(12*410W PERC)
(12*410W PERC)
TUV (IEC61215) , IEC61730
3 PV   Combiner box OPTION: DC 550V
DC Fuse
DC MCB 2P 550V
DC SPD 2P 600V,
MC4 connector, din rail, IP65
1   unit 1   unit TUV (EN60947 -2:2017)
4 PV   mounting bracket Customized, Anti-erosion Aluminum
Alloy for rooftop or ground mounting
1   SET 1   SET
5 Cables Model:PV-1*6mm²
Special high Anti-UV and Wear-Resistant PV cable
100meters * 2 100meters * 2 TUV (EN50618:2014)
6 PV   waterproof connector Model:MC4
Rated Voltage: 1500V DC
Rated Current: 40A
IP Rate: IP68
4 4 TUV (IEC62852), EN62852:2015

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Solar Micro Inverter System

Model: MESS1600H

1.All-in-One Integration
2.Advanced Control Technology
3.Modular Design for Scalability
4.Quick Installation

Off grid solar system JV OF10KW-JV OF15KW


220V output at 50/60Hz.
Power Options:3.5KW, 5KW, 10KW, 15KW, 20KW, or 30KW
Inverter: The high-frequency inverter
Expandable Capability
Battery-Inverter Communication
Optional WiFi or GPRS connectivity

6KW Stackable Solar system – upgradeable design

Model: UP6KW-2LS

1. Grow your power: up to 3 units for 18 kW, 6 units for 30 kWh.
2. Plug and play: automatically sync the units for optimal performance.
3. Smart app: Keep track of your system from anywhere.

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Jan 5, 2023


I have pleasant experience buying from Shenzhen Suns. They shipped quickly, and very responsive and provided accurate updates. Shipment to Malaysia reaches in just a few weeks with a door to door delivery. Equipment work great, as can be seen from the photos, in the midst of installation and already in operation. The sales representative (Amy) has provided good knowledge and helpful to guide me to make the purchase correctly. Thank you Amy and thank you Shenzhen Suns and this company is highly recommended!

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Jan 5, 2023


very impressed with of the company Suns Energy, professional communication and they really went the extra mile. The product looks professional and transport and packaging was very good. happy customer and will definitely do business again

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