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Shenzhen SUNS ENERGY, based in Shenzhen since 2009, is a premier solar energy provider. We specialize in innovative, affordable, and eco-friendly products, including solar power systems, lights, and batteries. Committed to excellence, we cater to over 80,000 global customers, prioritizing their needs and leveraging advanced technologies for optimal solar solutions. Our acclaimed designs and passion for sustainability set us apart in the industry.

Production Lines
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Beyond Manufacturing: Tailored Solar Solutions

We don’t just produce; we craft with precision, ensuring each product aligns with our customer’s specific requirements. Skilled Workforce Guarantee: Our experienced team oversees each step of production to ensure unparalleled quality and precision.

State-of-the-art Manufacturing Facilities

Backing our workshops is the latest production equipment for eficient manufacturing and testing, ensuring that everyproduct is up to par with our global standards.

Global Delivery Excellence: Seamless Solar Solutions on Your Doorstep

At Shenzhen SUNS Energy, we craft world-class solar products and ensure they reach you wherever you are. Catering to distributors and brand merchants, our robust delivery network spans 40 countries and 100 cities, guaranteeing timely and safe transportation.

Leveraging our deep-rooted experience and commitment, we’ve satisfied over 80,000 clients since 2009. Whether you’re seeking solar lights, power systems, or unique solutions like our Joyvoit line, you can trust SUNS ENERGY to deliver excellence in product and its journey to your hands. Your growth and convenience are at the heart of our operations.

Your Products Come from Here

Join the Solar Revolution with SHENZHEN SUNS ENERGY!

Join 80,000+ customers. Explore innovative solar solutions for a greener future. Act now for a brighter tomorrow!

R&D Capabilty

Our R&D capabilities are at the core of our commitment to innovation and excellence. We boast a dedicated R&D team of seasoned engineers and scientists who are experts in the field of solar energy. Our team is constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in solar solutions.
Our R&D efforts focus on several key areas:

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