PYG275L series

Solar Paygo home system, pay as you go, or prepaid solar system. Usually with lithium ion or LiFePO4 or lead acid battery built in.
Customers can make a deposit, and pay monthly or weekly until you pay it off. Then you own the solar package, or we can call it installments for short.
Power available : 5W to 720W, with AC220V outlets, DC12V, DC24V, DC5V options.


1. Support pay as you go; 2. With AC220V outlet;

3. With high power up to 720W; 4. Easy to upgrade and upgrading cost is low.




    Item no PYG275L PYG550L PYG720L
 with Keypad for Pay as you go
 Solar panel 275W 30V Poly 2 x 275W 30V Poly 2 x 360W Poly
   Battery 25.6V 50Ah LiFePO4 25.6V 50Ah LiFePO4 25.6V 100Ah LiFePO4
   12VDC light 4x5W 400lm 5x5W 400lm
1x1W 140lm 1x1W 140lm

DC 12V

(options, not included

in the price) 

12” table fan 16” floor fan
Portable radio Portable radio
24” DC TV 32” DC TV
   Lights cables 4*8 meter 8x8meter
   Cables for PV 1*10 meter 1x10meter
   Solar power box PWM solar controller built-in,keypad for digits input(control the payment)

4*USB port,6*12V outputs for lights,

1 * 220V AC outlets (with 300w pure sine wave inverter)

   Pay as you go

LCD display, with Keypad

with SMS Code to Unlock

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