Solar fishing light

1.Solar charging
2.Save life in a storm
3.4 different brightness
4.Emergency flashing light
5.Low carbon environment

Fishing Light

The solar fishing light has light weight, convenient carrying, super energy saving and long life, no hot, soft light source, no stroboscopic and so on. It not only plays an important role in outdoor activities at night, read books and work in case of power outage. Widely used in home lighting, carports, guardhouses, student dormitories, small farmhouses, greenhouses, fish boats, troop posts, field duty, camping, geological


1.Home &Office Lighting: bedroom, dormitory, study room, office, school, etc
2.Emergency Lighting: battery-powered when no electricity
3.Portable Lighting: camping, fishing, hiking, picnic, barbecue, booths &stalls in night market, etc
4.Solar-powered Lighting: charging with a solar panel is optional, photovoltaic new green energy, eco-friendly

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