SHS100-R series

1.Safety and easy installation,plug and play
2.Good quality panel,high efficiency and long life
3.Solar controller: with adjustable run times
4.Solar batteries:maintenance free,long life batteries
5.Lighting source:LED lamp/Lantern(fixed/movable)
6.Production standard:CE & ROHS
7.Flexible designs per client requests



Technical Parameters


  Mode: SHS100-R
solar panel Monocrystalline dilicon or polycrystalline silicon panel of class A
Rated power 100W/18V
Batterycapacity 50Ah/12V
Controller Solar mode Efficient PWM
Charge current 10A/12VDC
Protection function overcharge protection,overdischarge protection,electronic circuit short circuit protection,overload protection
Voltage of overcharge protection 14.3V
Voltage of boosting charge 14.0V
Voltage of floating charge 13.8V;×2/24V;×4/48V;×8/96V
Display of nixie tube Current voltage of the battery
Voltage of overdischarge protection 10.5V
Indication of LEDs charge indication ,load indiction ,and battery indication
DC output Maximum output power  120W (12V 10A)
DC12V 6 output port
DC5VUSB 2USB output port(MAX .3A)
Accessories included 12VDC LED indicator TWO 3w LEDs and two 5W LEDs (including 4 lamp holders ,two 3m amp wires and two 5w lamp wire)
USB charge line A universal charge line
Solar panel bracket A set (including 2 pieces)
Electric wire of the solar panel  5m
AC charge An optional accessory when there is no solar power supply and charging by mains supply
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