SHS8050 series

1.Built inside with inverter,solar charger and batteries
2.LED display plus buzzer alarms design
3.AC charge is optional with extra charge
4.3 types of output: 220VAC + 12VDC + USB5V
5.All around protection functions: Overload/short circuit protection/high voltage/low battery voltage/high temerature,etc





  Item no SHS8050
  System voltage 12VDC
  Power box Material Cold-roll steel sheets
Size 430*255*450mm
  Solar panel Pmax 80W
Vmp 17.5VDC
Imp 4.57Amp
  Battery Battery type AGM deep cycle battery (RITAR)
Capacity 55Ah/12V
Size&weight 229*138*210(235)mm & 18kgs
  Charge controller Working voltage 12V PWM
Input rated current 10A
Output rated current 10A
  Fan Size 10 inch (or 6inch)
Power 25W (or 7W)
Voltage 12VDC
  Inverter Model SunMI-300
Type Modified
AC output 120V/220V/240V AC
  DC LED lights 3pcs 12V5W LED lights (7W or 9W)


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