JV-U series

12/24V PWM solar charge controller
Be used for 24 hours universal solar system, solar camping etc.

--JV1024U 12/24V 10A
--JV2024U 12/24V 20A
--JV3024U 12/24V 30A

Solar charge controller 12V 24V 10A 20A 30A
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PWM solar charge controller 12V 24V

Solar conroller

1. 3-Stage intelligent PWM charging:Bulk, Boost/Equalize,Float.
2. Battery status LED indicator can indicates battery situation.
3. Charging program options for sealed,GEL,flooded,lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries are available
4.Lithium battery self-activating function
5.Battery temperature compensation function
6.TVS lighting protec




  Item JV1024U JV2024U JV3024U
  Nominal system voltage 12/24VDC Auto(Except lithium battery)
  Rated current 10A 20A 30A
  Battery input voltage range 8V~32V
  Max. PV open circuit voltage 50V
  Self-consumption 12V≤6mA; 24V≤8mA
  Charge circuit voltage drop ≤0.21V ≤0.13V
  Discharge circuit voltage drop ≤0.12V ≤0.17V
  USB input interface 5VDC/2.0A
  Temperature compensation coefficient -5mV/℃/2V
  Battery type Lead-acid battery: Sealed(default)/Gel/Flooded; Lithium battery:LiFePO4/Li-NiCoMn


  Equalization Voltage Sealed:14.6V; Gel:No; Flooded:14.8V (24Vsystem×2)
  Boost Voltage Sealed:14.4V;Gel:14.2V;Flooded:14.6V (24Vsystem×2)
  Float Voltage Sealed/Gel/Flooded:13.8V (24Vsystem×2)
  Low voltage reconnect voltage Sealed/Gel/Flooded:12.6V (24Vsystem×2)
  Low voltage disconnect voltage Sealed/Gel/Flooded:11.1V (24Vsystem×2)
Lithium   Boost Voltage LiFePO4(4s):14.5V/Li-NiCoMn(3s):12.5V (24Vsystem×2)
  Low voltage reconnect voltage LiFePO4(4s):12.6V/Li-NiCoMn(3s):11V (24Vsystem×2)
  Low voltage disconnect voltage LiFePO4(4s):11V/Li-NiCoMn(3s):9.5V (24Vsystem×2)
  Working environment temperature -35℃ ~ +50℃
  Humidity ≤95%,(N.C.)
  Enclosure IP20
  Grounding Common Positive
  Overall dimension 118*67*21    
  Mounting dimension 110*38    
  Mounting hole size Φ4.2
  Terminals (AWG/mm2) 12 AWG/4mm2 10AWG/6mm2 8AWG/10mm2
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