NSS60Li series

1. NSS10A 10W
2. NSS30A 30W (or 10W upgrade)
3. NSS60A 60W (or 30W upgrade)
Three power levels, each can be sold separately or upgrade kits available from 10W to 30W, and 30W to 60W

Pay as you go solar home power system

Solar PayG kits

1. Support Pay-as-you-go(Paygo)
2. Easy to upgrade, and upgrading cost is low
3. Lighting up the rooms
4. Support phone and radio charging
5. Can power DC TV and fans
6. Comes with solar torch with reading light
7. High quality product with a 2-year warranty

PayG solar home system

Adding Pay as you go (PAYG) to the SHS

Once the SHS is paid in full, the




  Item NSS15Li NSS30Li NSS60Li
  PV panel peak power 15W,17.56V 30W,17.56V 60W,17.56V
Polycrystalline or 2*15W if upgraded from NSS15Li or 30+2*15W if upgraded from NSS15Li
Aluminum frame   or 2*30W if upgraded from NSS30Li
  PV cable With 10m cable & plug
  Battery chemistry Lithium,11.1V,6.6Ah Lithium,11.1V,20Ah Lithium,11.1V,30Ah
  Controller box materials ABS plastic
  Controller functionality PAYG enabled via a detachable pay key
  Number of USB pay key 1
  Number of USB output ports 3 at 5V nominal (total current over 3 sockets 3A)
  No. phone charging cables 2 (pay ker use 1 USB output port)
  12 Volt output sockets 6*female 12V DC jack sockets 5.5*2.1mm ; total current 5A
  Super bright LED  1*3W 405 lumens LED light, 3*1.5W 200  lumens LED lights 2*3W 405 lumens LED lights
or 3*2W 270  lumens LED lights
  Number of light cables 4 cables with light sockets, each 8m with in-line switch
  Radio AM/FM mp3 player
  Option 1. Radio 2. DC TV 15"17"19"24" 3. DC fans


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