How to choose the installation location of solar street lamp?


According to the road conditions and the position of the light source of the lamp, choose the direction of the light source of the lamp to meet the maximum irradiation area of ​​the road surface. Survey the actual road section according to the construction drawings, verify whether the drawings are in accordance with the actual situation, if not, stop the work, report to the leader to wait for processing, and if they are in conformity, lay out points according to the construction design drawings.
Points for attention during the distribution process:
A. Solar street lights must be installed above the sunny side of the solar panel with sufficient light and no shadows blocked throughout the day. When the installation position conflicts with fixed facilities such as trees and manhole covers, the layout point should be moved appropriately, within 8 meters to avoid the facility,
B. The installation location is clearly marked that there are optical cables, cables, water pipes, large trees and high-level shelters above the ground. The location should be moved within 5 meters to avoid the pipeline. If it cannot be avoided, apply for manual excavation Excavate the foundation pit and report to the leader for processing;
C. There is a high-voltage line above the installation location. When the power line is overhead, the length of the road that should not be erected and the location that cannot be distributed should be cancelled. The location is recorded and reported to the company for record;
D. There should be no direct light source above the solar panel. In order to avoid misidentification of the lamp control system and lead to misoperation.
E. If the side of the road where the street lamp is installed is next to the river, the lamp is installed on the side where there is no river, so as to avoid loosening of the soil caused by the construction and easy erosion to cause collapse.