What should I do if the home solar power fails?


"What to do if the photovoltaic power station installed at home fails"
I believe this is also the primary concern of the people after installing photovoltaic power plants
1. First check the cause of the failure
There may be several reasons for the failure:
1. Photovoltaic panels are subjected to external forces during transportation, resulting in lower power generation, resulting in failure of the entire system
2. The photovoltaic panel was struck by lightning due to weather.
If this happens, you should contact the manufacturer and replace the photovoltaic panel.
2. Is there any obstruction next to the photovoltaic power plant? For example, the grass growing out, and the trees next to it. Need to clean up in time, this situation will directly lead to low branch current
Third, due to improper use, the inverter short circuit and DC overvoltage protection, fuse fuse failure, etc.
At the same time, no matter which of the above problems occurs, please do not panic, check the cause or directly contact a professional engineer to solve it, and resume the normal use of the photovoltaic power plant as soon as possible.