How to pour the foundation of solar street lights?


The embedded parts of the foundation are placed in the middle of the foundation pouring pit (note that the embedded parts, the foundation and the original ground are on the same horizontal plane or the top of the screw and the original ground are on the same horizontal plane, and one side should be parallel to the road; this can ensure that the lamp pole is erected The rear end is not skewed), and then place one end of the PVC pipe at the place where the battery box is placed, and the other end from the middle of the fixed plate of the upper part of the foundation in the pouring pit about 30cm. Finally, C20 concrete is poured densely. When pouring, it is better to vibrate with a vibration pump to make the concrete more uniform and firm, and finally smooth the entire cement surface.
A. Before pouring, use plastic cloth or cloth to seal the two ends of the threaded PVC pipe tightly to prevent the concrete from entering the pipe and causing blockage.
B. The viscosity of concrete should be moderate, not too thin or too thick;
C. Incoming concrete should be supplied appropriately according to the number of staff, so as not to cause too long waiting time of concrete and affect the quality of foundation pouring;
D. The foundation pit should be prepared before pouring, such as the height of the foundation pit and the presence of debris. If there is a pipeline in the foundation pit, the leader should be declared in advance for proper treatment;
E. After the construction is completed, clean up the residual sludge on the positioning plate in time, and clean the impurities on the bolts with waste oil, or wrap the screw on the screw before embedding;
F. In the process of concrete setting, watering and curing should be carried out regularly. Only when the concrete is completely set (usually 4-7 days) can the chandelier be installed.