How to install the pole of solar street light


The installation of light poles takes solar street lights with a common height of 5-6 meters as an example (more than 7 meters is best to use a crane for auxiliary installation) to perform manual installation. First, remove the plastic tape of the threaded part of the ground cage from the ground, and place a flat pad, spring pad, nut on each side of the ground cage exposed roadbed, 4 flat pads for each light pole, 4 spring pads, 4 Nuts. Then, move the foot (flange) of the lamp post to the position of the 4 nuts of the ground cage, aiming at the eye position, one person presses the foot of the lamp post and steps on it with the foot, and the 3 people in the back hold the lamp post by hand Stand up, when the foot of the lamp post is aligned with the 4 bolts of the ground cage, put the flat pad diagonally, spring pad, screw the nut, and then leave two people to support the lamp post, and the other two put the support arm Fine-tune the angle to be perpendicular to the road, then tighten the nut.
A. Before the lamp pole is erected, make sure that the two wires of the solar panel and the light source are connected, and make a distinction between the positive and negative poles and the use of the end.
B. Before installing the lamp post, visually check that the welding seam of the lamp post is well-proportioned and there is no virtual welding.
C. The light pole should be installed to prevent strangulation or cut surface coating as much as possible. If a rope is used to bind the light pole during installation, a softer rope such as cotton rope should be selected.
D. The installation of light poles should be upright and the vertical deviation should not be greater than half the diameter of the lamp tip. The poles of solar street lamps should be set on a line parallel to the longitudinal axis of the road, and the lateral displacement should not be greater than half the diameter of the pole root.
E. When installing the lamp post, each bolt should be firm with a flat washer spring pad. After tightening, the bolt exposed nut should not be less than two pitches.
F. After the lamp pole is fixed, a layer of butter must be applied to the anchor bolt to prevent the bolt from rusting to a certain extent.