How to install the pole of solar street light


The installation of light poles takes solar street lights with a common height of 5-6 meters as an example (more than 7 meters is best to use a crane for auxiliary installation) to perform manual installation.

How to pour the foundation of solar street lights?


The embedded parts of the foundation are placed in the middle of the foundation pouring pit (note that the embedded parts, the foundation and the original ground are on the same horizontal plane or the top of the screw and the original ground are on the same

Several reasons tell you the current status of solar street lights in my country


Solar street lights are the basic equipment for the application of solar energy. With the development of economy and the rising awareness of environmental protection

The advantages of using solar street lights in rural areas?


Temporarily and uninterruptedly maintain or replace the lines and other configurations. Electricity cost of street lighting is high: there is a fixed high electricity fee during the operation of street lighting.

How to choose the installation location of solar street lamp?


According to the road conditions and the position of the light source of the lamp, choose the direction of the light source of the lamp to meet the maximum irradiation area of the road surface. Survey the actual road section according to the construction drawings, verify whether the drawings are in accordance with the actual situation, if not, stop the work, report to the leader to wait for processing, and if they are consistent, lay out the points according to the construction design drawings.